Fond Rose

About Us


Since its creation, Nüwa Skincare™ has only one objective in mind, which is to offer you the path to the fountain of youth.  We believe that NATURE is the key to unlocking the door to the secrets of eternal youth.


Holding dear the principles of slow cosmetics, Nüwa chooses targeted ingredients, adapted to all skin types and skin needs. Home-made cosmetics are perceived as an economical way to obtain efficient beauty products, as they are specifically adapted to the nature of your skin. The home-made aspect allows for strict control of ingredients, avoiding toxins such as parabens, PEG or silicone, widely used in traditional cosmetics.


Nüwa offers you deeply penetrating anti-age skincare with continuous action, to bring out your inner beauty and youthful glow, privileging the use of organic products. The benefits of these products are that they are milder, less aggressive to skin and less damaging to the environment.


Nüwa products are of impeccable quality. They are high-performing, user-friendly, eco-responsible and non-toxic.

No Phthalates
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Hand Made
Sans GMO
100% Vegan